Not just AI, Intelligent AI

Sameer Ranjan
4 min readJul 26, 2022

We have always perceived AI (Artificial Intelligence) as an enemy to humans that it is there to eliminate the existence of the human race and rule the humans to make them slaves. But as a data scientist and a person working in the AI space for many years, I don’t think romanticizing the idea of AI being a foe to us is right. AI is an entity that we define on how it is going to perform and what it is going to perform, can it outsmart a human? The answer will be yes on certain occasions, and we need to find those certain occasions to make AI work for us.

We have always recruited the personnel in business with a very rudimentary and slow-paced process but that has proven to us over time results matter. According to a recent study, people are not only looking for jobs but are looking for a job with the best (not even better) pay rate, living conditions, and a purpose to drive the organization. People are getting fired and at the same time resigning from their positions because they are unable to find a better match with their principles and the organization’s principles. We have always learned that leaders define culture and people make culture alive but if you don’t have people aligned to your culture, then there would be no one to drive your ideology, and hence culture. AI can help organizations and people solve this problem. We have seen and known that every person in the world follows a certain trend — that might be anything ranging from how you walk to where you walk and when you walk, there is always a trend, it might be the most non-sensical trend, but it exists.

Artificial Intelligence is an algorithm that learns on data points over a while and as an output gives a result to a new situation based on past experiences. Now let’s say you are running an IT organization with 500 employees spread over 5 departments — sales, marketing, product, operations, and administration. Each department in your organization has specific needs and needs special talent (skills) to make magic happen. Usually, when a business needed new talent (people) in an organization, general practice has been to invite resumes from the people who want to join your firm and then scan through the resume to find out who and what matched your talent profile and shortlist some resumes whom you are going to invite for next rounds of interview. Usually, the process takes about 15–45 days depending on the volume of resumes received for the role and the number of profiles that you are hiring. But in retrospect, the process can have many errors caused due…

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