YouTube Vs Netflix

Sameer Ranjan
3 min readJun 9, 2022

I believe Netflix’s biggest competitor is YouTube and also YouTube is beating Netflix at its game.

Netflix pays millions of dollars to the creators to create original content and then earns money through subscriptions that it earns through people around the world, whereas YouTube pays absolutely zero dollars for content creation and it earns through ads revenue and then pays creators based on views that too demographically revised. If I look at the number of users on Netflix and their growth in subscription —

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Netflix Users

Netflix had approximately 221.64 million paid subscribers worldwide as of the first quarter of 2022. This marks a decline of around 200,000 subscribers compared with previous quarter. Most Netflix subscribers are based in the United States and Canada, with the U.S. and Canada accounting for over 75 million of Netflix’s total global subscriber base.

While the popularity of Netflix’s streaming service has been increasing, the company’s DVD section has declined. At the end of 2019, there were just 2.15 million subscribers to Netflix’s DVD rental service in the United States, a drop from 11.17 million in 2011.

Youtube Users

Users of April 2022, India was the country with the largest YouTube audience by far, with approximately 467 million users engaging with the popular social video platform. The United States followed, with around 247 million YouTube viewers. Indonesia came in third, with 139 million users watching content on YouTube. The United Kingdom, which had a YouTube penetration of approximately 92 percent in 2021, saw around 57.6 million internet users engaging with the platform in the examined period.

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Analysis -

Netflix is losing because all big digital outlets have started their own streaming services that makes need for Netflix originals more than ever. But Media and Entertainment outlets like Disney, Zee etc has also started creating their own original contents and promoting their digital content on YouTube, creating wealth for themselves as well as brands, hence for YouTube too. Netflix can start ad based free service to earn revenue from advertisements but then Netflix won’t be as cool as it is now. It might take some time but until netflix change its model from a platform that provides production houses and artists to collaborate and present their digital rights to itself a more itense production house, it might become a story for kids coming in next few years who might not relate with GenZ slangs of Netflix and Chill.

So where are you putting your money this summer?

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